CIRCU5 is the project of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Steve Tilling. The debut album features guest performances from Dave Gregory (XTC, Big Big Train), Phil Spalding (Seal, Mick Jagger), Matt Backer (Julian Lennon, ABC), Alan van Kleef (Rachel Stamp, Ariel X), Johnny Warman (Peter Gabriel, Ringo Starr) and Andy Neve (Steve Hackett, Godley & Creme).

High-quality album download

CIRCU5 album cover.jpg
CIRCU5 album cover.jpg

High-quality album download


High-quality download (320 kbps mp3s) including digital booklet and 'secret' document. As this is a large file, we recommend you download it to a desktop computer, rather than a phone.

You can also request very high-quality studio grade 'flac' or 'wav' files by emailing We'll then transfer the files to you using a service called 'We Transfer' (you'll be notified by email when it's done).

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The only way to play this album is loud, proud, and with a massive smile on your face. 9 out of 10.
— Frame Music


Steve Tilling has made a compelling debut. It’s a tight, dark intelligent album… albeit one plentifully and carefully decorated with accessible hooks and melodies... the depth of Tilling’s wanderlust is his most progressive asset.
— Prog magazine
There is a brilliance to the album as you listen all the way through… CIRCU5 runs through your veins like a shot of adrenaline.
— The Closet Concert Arena
Kick ass… Exceptionally composed… Stunning…
— Metal Temple
Debut album of the year - it’s absolutely stunning.
— The Titus Jennings Experience
Steve Tilling has given us a musical spectacle that will stand the test of time. Great songwriting combined with superb musicianship and a concept that works, CIRCU5 is a triumph.
— Progradar

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