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Calling all CIRCU5 Freaks!

We've started writing and recording the second CIRCU5 album, and we're really excited with progress. There are some great songs on the way, and we aim to release the album mid to late 2021. But to get there, we need your support.

Can you help us?

With your help, we'll be able to make the best album we can. We have lots to do and costs to meet that always come with making albums, such as studio time, mastering, packaging and distribution. By supporting us and paying up front for the album (and extras if you want them), you'll be playing a big part in the next chapter of CIRCU5.

So we've put together a kick-starter-crowdfunding campaign, with the rewards listed below. Take your pick and we'll take care of the rest.

Thank you!

Steve, Paul, Mark and Lee

P.S. Please be assured - this album WILL happen and we think it'll be a beast. Your support, large or small, makes a massive difference. We'll keep in touch with you on progress. Please also feel free to join us on our CIRCU5 Freaks Facebook page, where we're regularly around for a chat. And please keep spreading the word. The more who join this freakshow train, the merrier!

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