CIRCU5 is the project of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Steve Tilling. The debut album features guest performances from Dave Gregory (XTC, Big Big Train), Phil Spalding (Seal, Mick Jagger), Matt Backer (Julian Lennon, ABC), Alan van Kleef (Rachel Stamp, Ariel X), Johnny Warman (Peter Gabriel, Ringo Starr) and Andy Neve (Steve Hackett, Godley & Creme).

“you tell me i’m not enough. but i’m the amazing monstrous grady.”

CIRCU5 is the project of Steve Tilling – a British multi-instrumentalist and guitarist/vocalist for TC&I (the new band of Colin Moulding and Terry Chambers from XTC). Steve performs almost all instrumental and vocal duties on his debut album - while the live band also features Chris O’Leary on guitar and vocals, Mark Kilminster (ex-Tin Spirits) on bass and vocals, and Lee Moulding (TC&I (ex-XTC) and Rewire the Time Machine) on drums.

Think CIRCU5… think XTC and Yes poured into a blender, mixed with a dash of 60s vocal harmonies and lashings of hard-driving rock. But while certain influences spring to mind, CIRCU5 exists in its own world of adrenalin-rush anthems, addictive choruses and goose-bump melodies.

For evidence, check out the irresistibly catchy 'The Amazing Monstrous Grady' and 'Stars', and the epic 'The Chosen One' which bursts with surprising twists and turns.

"The album took me five years to make, and mirrors the ups and downs in my life at that time," says Steve Tilling. "There were dark moments but everything ended positively. I think I've made an album that's fun to listen to – and has a good story for those who like digging deeper."

Clues to the story are dotted throughout the album, but Steve is happy to give away the essence: "It traces the life of a child raised as a psychopath in a secret government organisation, which aims to cure the condition while harnessing positive traits. The character discovers the truth as an adult – with catastrophic consequences."

The album features guest performances from Dave Gregory (XTC, Big Big Train), Phil Spalding (Mike Oldfield), Matt Backer (Julian Lennon), Alan van Kleef (Rachel Stamp), Johnny Warman (Peter Gabriel) and Andy Neve (Steve Hackett).


Steve Tilling has made a compelling debut. It’s a tight, dark intelligent album… albeit one plentifully and carefully decorated with accessible hooks and melodies... the depth of Tilling’s wanderlust is his most progressive asset.
— Prog


Click below for an hour-long interview with Steve Tilling (Circu5) on the Pete Feenstra Feature from Get Ready to Rock Radio. Steve chats to Pete about his music and influences, and we hear tracks from the Circu5 album.

Steve Tilling - CIRCU5

Steve Tilling - CIRCU5

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